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This is a very random bunch of thoughts based from my collecting of GIJOE: A real American hero figures and vehicles. Contained here are memories, experiences, recent thoughts, completely random thoughts, and other random things on top of that. While one company has made, and makes, our shared interests, we all add into that interest with our own creativity. You, the reader, will find many, many, excellent sites among the links to see what other GIJoe fans are doing, hit them up! For GIJOE stuff that is more random in topic, you'll find it here.


Wish I was there!

It looks like a lot of fun at the G.I.Joe convention.  I only made the one; 12 years ago already!   Wow!

I just had to make a note to express a message of appreciation and thankfulness to the many people attending who are sharing and reporting on the experience of the 2017 Convention!

Wish I was there!